Customized Minisite allows you to customize the pages, sections, banners, background and layout of your storefront or Minisite on It gives you the flexibility to adapt your Minisite to the demands and tastes of your target buyers, allowing you to maximize your return-on-investment. Each section represents an opportunity to provide potential buyers with useful information that can help them learn about your company and make buying decisions, so we suggest having a complete Minisite.

Your Alibaba website presents your company information and also your product information. A complete and professional website tends to seize the visitors easier and faster. Customized Alibaba home page with latest mobile friendly version specially designed for your gold supplier account to create authenticity and to increase your Alibaba account performance.

To stand out from competition, we propose you to design Alibaba Minisite which some of your competitors have done.

Benefits of Alibaba Minisite :

  • It creates branding.
  • Value addition against your competitor.
  • Strong inclination & commitment towards your business
  • Minisite optimize your page for both PC & mobile users.
  • Research says Gold supplier with Minisite attracts more buyers.
  • Complete company profile & product portfolio at a glance.
  • More buyer engagement through videos.

Product information score is one of the important factors in search ranking algorithm. Products and supplier with higher score will be more likely to gain more exposure prior to those low-quality ones due to higher ranking. If your product information score is much lower than the global average, which may affect your product ranking and traffic. The more quality product listings you display online, the more inquiries you tend to get. Improve your online product listings to get more business chance.

Displaying product is the most important step to get buyers online. Your Gold Supplier Membership allows you to display an UNLIMITED number of products with first-level priority listing. Make sure you list as many products as possible to maximize your business opportunities.

A Product Keyword is the word or phrase that buyers will use to find your product, company or trade lead in our search engine. Over 80% of members use our search engine to find what they want to buy. so, choosing the most relevant keywords to get higher exposure in buyer search results and help the right buyers find your product.

High-quality product posting helps you stand out from the crowd. Use descriptive keywords in your product name/title and descriptions to optimize for rankings within the marketplace platform. Use well-designed images and videos to attract buyers and help them develop a holistic understanding of your products.

Advantages of Alibaba Ranking Optimization :

  • It gives an opportunity to appear your product post on Alibaba first page.
  • Even it improves the conversation ratio with keywords ranking optimization.
  • Higher Ranking
  • Higher product exposure
  • More buyer click
  • More buyer inquiry
  • More orders