Gracias It

We Commit We Deliver.

Gracias IT is the leading digital commerce agency which excels in working with clients to create successful and profitable B2C and B2B based eCommerce Solutions.

Gracias IT has served many B2C and B2B brands get the most out of their investment using right Ecommerce platform and leverage agile platform to improve and expand the customer journey

Work Process

This is How We
Streamline Our Workflow


It is Coding & Testing Stage, the entire project gets kickstarted as per defined Statement of Work with coding and then later Tested before it is presented to customer.


It is Idea stage or create a concept stage.The idea is discussed and planned and divided into small pieces.


It is Stage, where all gathered latest information are put in form of documentation and prepared a prototype to showcase to customers. We call this as Proof of Delivery Stage


Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We never compromise even in challenging time.


It is crucial stage and handled carefully ensuring proper QA one more time and implemented in client network.

Our values

We are proud of our values and don’t comprise it.


GRACIAS IT has helped me get the API module developed for WHMCS quickly and efficiently in order to be able to auto provision cloud services. Team is very professional and provides regular updates.
James Deverew, Practical Hosting
Initially GRACIAS IT took a little bit of time in coming out with Fresh design and then they cracked it. The entire project was executed in seamless manner and we have transitioned our customers to online. Good Feedback overall.
Haruna Nyanzi, Sombha Solutions

GRACIAS IT has completely revamped our Managed Service Offering. It has ensured that business growth with each of quoting to customer via online portal itself. The complete experience working with team was fabulous and they do stand on what they commit.

Augustus Munch, SPIDD AFRICA